Reliability and flexibility for a perfect training!

With the latest generation of our educational systems, alphadidact® Digital, digital screen content is transmitted in highest quality and resolution (Full HD 1920x1080 and 1920x1200).

With one touch of a button, the screen content of any workstation can be transmitted to an individual monitor, a group or to all other monitors.

alphadidact ® Digital is the ideal system for high-quality presentation and training, in particular during educational applications that require a detailed representation in high screen resolution (CAD / CAM, Geological, Medical, etc.).






Basic Functions

Real-time image transmission

With just one touch of a button the screen content of any workplace is transmitted to an individual monitor, a group, or to all participants

Central Notebook & Projector link

alphadidact® Digital offers already in the basic equipment an additional connection for a laptop and a projector

Simultaneous Image Transmission through our "Advanced Function"

Our so-called "Advanced Function" allows for simultaneous image transmission from multiple signal sources

Blanking of all Student Screens

In order to increase the participant’s attention, all student screens can be blanked with just one touch of a button

Videoscanner | Monitoring

All student screens are scanned and successively displayed on the teacher/ lecturer monitor in one-second intervals

Custom Keyboard Layout

The system keyboard can be adapted to the respective seating arrangement in the classroom

Electronic failure protection/ Fail-safe Function

A fail-safe function ensures that all PCs, monitors, keyboards and mice remain functional at all times

Optional Functions

Integration of additional Devices (e.g. Document Camera/ Visualizer etc.)

Other signal sources such as document camera/ visualizer, camera, microscope, etc. can be integrated

System-Control via Tablet & Smartphone

Operation of the computer lab system via tablet or smartphone (via EBS App)

Remote Control & Lock for Keyboards & Mice

Remote control and lock of one, several or all mice and keyboards through the instructor

ScreenStudio | Lecture Capturing Function

The lecture capturing function allows you to digitize work progress, e.g. for subsequent editing

Audio-Line Function | Language Laboratory

alphadidact® Digital systems can be extended to include sound transmission in stereo quality

Dual Screen Mode

Connection of two monitors per workstation

Co-Teacher Operation

Control of the system via two teacher/ lecturer workstations

Privacy Protection Switch

By pressing a button, students can deactivate the Monitoring function and block the teacher from viewing their screen content

System Coupling

Several alphadidact® Digital systems can be coupled

Satellite Set-Up for Large Rooms

Use of multiple central processing units (satellites) in a classroom

Serial Interface Control | RS232

Integration and control of the training systems via a media control system