Image Transmission to Up To 90 Screens – By Pressing One Button

videodidact® Show combines simplicity with the highest quality in presentation.

With only 6 keys, screen content can be transferred to up to 90 workstation monitors from the teacher/ lecturer workstation.

A central connection for an additional laptop pc at the teacher/ lecturer workstation, as well as the integration of a projector, are already included in the basic hardware.

As with all EBS training systems, screen content is transmitted in real-time and in highest WUXGA resolution, regardless of the used hardware and software.

videodidact® Show is particularly well suited for use

  • during trainings and presentations
  • in conference rooms
  • at trade show stands/ booths
  • in lecture halls

Unlike software solutions, videodidact® Show generates no additional costs and requires no software updates, maintenance of service contracts etc.

Basic Functions

Image Transmission to ALL monitors + Projector

Image transfer in real time (without time lag) and in highest WUXGA resolution from the teacher/ lecturer workstation to ALL + projector

Additional Notebook PC at Teacher/ Lecturer Workstation

Notebook PCs, Document Cameras/ Visualizer etc. may be used as additional signal sources