Practical experience using interconnected sim-units

Dental labs and workshops with hands-on training help students gain valuable practical experience for their following career.

There are thousands of possibilities for configuring these types of spaces, but many labs are outfitted with sim-units, mostly shaped like a patient, and include several other technical devices.

Our alphadidact ® digital allows the instructor to share media, which could be a livestream from an intra-oral camera, a presentation from a laptop or an earlier recording to and from any connected device in the classroom.

By outfitting student stations with local monitors that are also connected into the whole classroom system many visibility challenges can be solved. 

When designing a new dental teaching space there are many factors to consider – teaching concept, future-proof, flexibility and of course cost – we would be happy to help out.





Dental Simulation Lab at FAZH Dental Academy in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), equipped with alphadidact® Digital!