Some of our projects!

Our innovative multimedia training systems videodidact® and alphadidact® Digital, as purely hardware-based systems, find application in various fields and industries.

Their technically autonomous and modular designs enable the interconnection of virtually all imaging devices.

And it is due to this fact that thousands of videodidact® and alphadidact® Digital systems are in use worldwide.

Educational System
Schools – Community Colleges - Colleges – Universities – Training / Educational Centers – Adult Education Centers – Technology Centers

Banking and Finance
Banks – Mutual Savings Banks – Insurance Companies – Electronic Data Processing Centers (EDPC) – Tax/ Fiscal Authorities – Management AcademiesBusiness Sector

Business Sector
Automotive Industry – Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry – Software Development – Power Industry – Telecommunication – Aerospace

Medicine and Research
Microscope / Dental Laboratories (Medical / Dental Schools) – Classrooms - Auditoriums - Lecture Halls – Autopsy Labs

Government Agencies
Government Agencies / Authorities – Law Enforcement Agencies – Armed Forces – Embassies

Training Centers
CAD/CAM Trainings – Language Courses – PC Trainings – User Trainings