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Our core business is the development and production of multimedia training systems. Whether you want to improve your corporate training or increase results in your higher-ed or K-12 classroom, we have an optimal solution. alphadidact® Digital and videodidact® training systems are used daily around the world in thousands of installations. 

All EBS products are developed and produced exclusively in Germany.

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Intuitive operation, lots of functionality and high reliability are important factors for all of our products and we would like you to try them yourself. Give us a call to schedule an initial phone consult, a meeting or even a test installation in your facility, of course free of charge and without any obligation.

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Further information
Further information


All of our products are covered by a 3-year warranty, with extensions up to 5 years possible. We can customize service and replacement plans and we keep replacement stock and repair parts for all of our products far beyond their lifecycle. Contact us for a service. 

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