The perfect digital solution for small classrooms

alphadidact® Digital RING training systems are especially well suited for use in small classrooms with up to 20 workstations.

By pressing a button, the screen content of any workplace can be sent to an individual monitor, a group, or to all other monitors, in full HD and 1920x1200 screen resolution.

alphadidact® Digital is the ideal system for high-quality visualization, particularly with educational applications with detailed representation (CAD / CAM, Geological, Medical etc.)


Basic Functions

Real-time image transmission

With just one touch of a button the screen content of any workplace is transmitted to an individual monitor, a group, or to all participants

Blanking of all Student Screens

In order to increase the participant’s attention, all student screens can be blanked with just one touch of a button

Videoscanner | Monitoring

All student screens are scanned and successively displayed on the teacher/ lecturer monitor in one-second intervals

Custom Keyboard Layout

The system keyboard can be adapted to the respective seating arrangement in the classroom

Electronic failure protection/ Fail-safe Function

A fail-safe function ensures that all PCs, monitors, keyboards and mice remain functional at all times

Optional Functions

Notebook & Projector Link

alphadidact® Digital offers optionally an additional connection for a laptop and a projector

Simultaneous Image Transmission through our "Advanced Function"

Our so-called "Advanced Function" allows for simultaneous image transmission from multiple signal sources

Integration of additional Devices (e.g. Document Camera/ Visualizer etc.)

Additional signal sources such as document camera/ visualizer, camera, microscope, etc. can be integrated

System-Control via Tablet & Smartphone

Operation of the computer lab system via tablet or smartphone (via EBS App)

Remote Control & Lock for Keyboards/ Mice

Remote control and lock of one, several or all mice and keyboards through the instructor

ScreenStudio | Lecture Capturing Function

The lecture capturing function allows you to digitize work progress, e.g. for subsequent editing

Audio-Line Function | Language Laboratory

alphadidact® Digital systems can be extended to include sound transmission in stereo quality

Dual Screen Mode

Connection of two monitors per workstation

Co-Teacher Operation

Control of the system via two teacher/ lecturer workstations

Privacy Protection Switch

By pressing a button, students can deactivate the Monitoring function and block the teacher from viewing their screen content

Serial Interface Control | RS232

Integration into and control of the training systems via a media control unit