Digital Conference Switch 6x2 (DVI / HDMI / Displayport)

Our Digital Conference Switch 6x2 makes presentations and collaboration easy.

It is ideal as a collaboration & conference tool, as well as mobile training solution. It allows 6 signal sources (such as PCs/Macs, Tablet PCs, notebooks, digital microscopes, cameras etc.) to be connected to 2 signal recipients (such as displays, projectors, streaming devices etc.).

At the touch of a button (Show-me-button / can be customized) each user can decide when his signal is shown on the display or projector.

As the system is hardwired, images are transmitted in Full HD (as well as up to 1920x1200) without any time-delay or compression.

Set up in just a few minutes, the Digital Conference Switch 6x2 works without any administrative effort and does not need any technical know-how to be used. Larger groups can be accommodated by daisy chaining several of the switches together to offer a seamless experience.

The switch can also be combined with our alphadidact ® digital system for a very flexible and high-powered training systems, that allows for effortless switching between group work and instructor led training. See our case studies here how some of our customers have implemented this.