alphadidact® Digital in a training laboratory

Practical experience for students is essential, especially in the health sciences. The easiest way to gain these experiences in a higher-education setting is using a simulation lab.

These come in many different configurations, from anatomy labs, dental workshops to nursing stations and all of these usually include a large amount of technology in them. The biggest challenges in these rooms are usually visibility, distractions and to make all these devices accessible to the instructor, in an easy-to-use, highly reliable manner.

Our alphadidact® Digital lab system can help to greatly improve teaching efficiency by solving all these challenges.  Multiple cameras, medical devices, PCs, monitors, projectors, microscopes, streaming and recording equipment etc. can all be combined using our alphadidact® Digital system.

At the touch of a button an instructor can share real-time, high-quality images from any device on any screen in the classroom, check up on student progress, share, collaborate and monitor.

Our award-winning system is used world-wide and we would be happy to give you a free personal presentation or test products, so you can see yourself why thousands of our clients install our alphadidact® Digital in all of their teaching spaces.