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For over 30 years EBS has been producing multimedia training systems and we are the leading manufacturer of these worldwide.

Many thousand of our systems are used daily to enhance training around the world.


Need some advice or ideas for a project? We'd be happy to help.

Constant development of our products, expertise of our staff and lots of experience are the foundations for a successful project for you.

We can show you the newest technology for the training market and how this can help you achieve your goals - from visualizing lesson content, using mobile devices such as Smartphone and tables, lecture capture and off-site streaming.

Use our free consultation, via email, phone or even on-site visit, wherever you might be. The result will be a fully customized, easy-to-use solution for you.

All of our EBS products are also available to test out and even trial installations before fully committing - we are sure you won't want to send them back.



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