Digital Switch 6x2 (DVI / HDMI / Displayport)

The digital 6x2 Switch allows to connect up to 6 signal sources (such as PCs/Macs, Tablet PCs, notebooks, digital microscopes, cameras etc.) to 2 signal recipients (such as displays, projectors, streaming devices etc.).

As the system is hardwired, images are transmitted in Full HD (as well as up to 1920x1200) without any time-delay or compression.

Set up in just a few minutes, the Digital 6x2 Switch works without any administrative effort and does not need any technical know-how to be used.

The switch can also be combined with our alphadidact® Digital system for a very flexible and high-powered training systems, that allows for effortless switching between group work and instructor led training. See our case studies here how some of our customers have implemented this.